Kitten joins a wedding procession, follows the bride all the way down the aisle and won’t let go!

This is the cutest declaration of love ever between a kitten and its owner! This furry little creature was the best bridesmaid ever. Weddings happen once and it is important to keep as many memories as possible so you can look back to that special day and smile.

I think small and quiet weddings are like the cutest things- look at it this way; you get to celebrate a very important milestone with your closest friends and family members without having to break the bank or even go through as much stress as big weddings. It is a close-knit affair! What makes this wedding extra special is the bride’s cat.

Yup, you read that right; this adorable, smart and playful little creature created a beautiful memory for the young couple in China. The kitten which the bride’s pet stayed on her wedding dress train and since it could not lift it, it decided to lay on it and follow her all the way down the aisle, how beautiful is that!

The wedding party was touched by the very emotional gesture and they all brought out their phones to capture the moment. Who wouldn’t? I am sure that when this happy couple looks back at their wedding, they would laugh and smile at how delightful the whole experience was. Cats sure know how to add that special sparkle wherever and whenever they show up. Don’t you think?

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