Kitten Stuck On Busy Highway Median Needs Help In Worst Way And Then A Miracle Happens

This kitten was trapped on the median of a busy highway, was paralyzed with fear, and desperately needed help before the unthinkable happened. Then, just in the nick of time, a wonderful policeman showed up to save the cat and change its life forever.

We just hate when we see kittens and cats stuck on the road — they must be so, so scared. Then, when things were looking grim, a wonderful policeman showed up and saved the day and prevented anything bad from happening. We’re SO GRATEFUL that the kitten was able to get the help it needed. You have to love the kindness of strangers.

Watch the touching rescue below:

We’re so grateful that this cat got the help it needed before something terrible happened. Please share this story with your friends and family. 

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