Kitten wandered into a police station looking for love, and finds himself a new forever home

One of the places that most people never wish to be in is a police station. However, for one cat in Alameda County in California, he wanted to visit a place that most people dread. Police officers at the Sheriff’s office at Alameda County were shocked when the cat paid them a visit. The kitten showed up outside one of the stations on one morning.

When the kitten walked into the office, he refused to leave. For two days the kitten loitered around the office. He liked it in the office. He had no plans to leave. He was very comfortable in the sheriff’s office.

While in the office, the kitten ensured that he rested in several places in the office. He took turns in sleeping on the officers’ computers. When he felt like he didn’t like sleeping on the computers, he could try different places like the paper tray. He later found out that the best spot to take a nap was in the paper tray.

Everyone in the sheriff’s office loved this kitten. One of the officers, who was named Sierra Scalise, quickly decided to make this kitten her new partner. When the officer took this kitten for the physical fitness test, the feline passed with flying colors. After the officer spent several days with the kitten, she finally made a decision to adopt him. The next thing on the officer’s mind is the name she wants to give the cat. Maybe you could suggest a name for this mischievous cat.

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