Kitten Was Saved By Husky Dogs, But Now Has Joined The Husky Pack As Best Friends…

Rosie the kitten was rescued at a very young age, but her story continues as the wonderful miracle unfolds each day!

Rosie was three weeks old when she was rescued, but thanks to these kind loving Husky dogs little Rosie was able to make it and now she shares in all the adventures of the other Huskies!

This kitten grew up with Husky dogs and thinks she is part Husky, loving every moment!


Whether it’s going on walks, taking bike rides, or going on a snowy adventure, this family was meant to be from the start, an adorable miracle that you can’t ignore! 🙂

When little Rosie was rescued, she wasn’t fairing too well, but then she met this hero Husky dog and that’s when this miracle happened…


As Rosie grew up, she learned the ways of her furry doggie parents and became part-Husky!


If there was ever a perfect family, this would be it, kind accepting Husky dogs and the sweetest jewel ever, Rosie the rescue!

As you can see Rosie the kitten has taken on her new role as a Husky very seriously. 🙂


When their humans go shopping, the family comes too!


Bright-eyed and bushy tailed; these Huskies are ready to explore!


There just TOO cute and you can’t miss them even if you tried! 🙂


Going on bike rides doesn’t get any better!! Rosie rides in the basket and the Huskies come along too.


Little Rosie has gone from nearly dead, to very loved… I’m pretty sure a story couldn’t get much better than this!


IMAGE credit: LilloTheHusky H/T BOREDPANDA

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