Kitten was stuck in the mud at a pond before a quick thinking man saved its life

After getting stuck in the mud with time running out, this kitten was in desperate need of help before the unthinkable happened. Amazingly, a quick-thinking man heard the cat’s cries and swooped in with an idea that saved its life.

Acting quickly, this man found a stick with enough size and stability that the struggling cat could climb on and be pulled to safety. Initial uncertainty behind it, the kitten scratched and clawed its way onto the stick before being freed from the mud. Frightened and filthy after its battle in the mud, this kitten is whisked away for a bath and some food as its rescuers nurture the young cat back to health. Despite a terrible fright, the kitten quickly learns that its new friends are here to help and the bond they form so quickly will melt your heart.

Watch the incredible rescue below:

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