Landlord banned cat from sneaking in front door, so man came up with genius ‘comeback’ to keep him!

Tariq Khoyaratty’s lived in a building that had historical significance. Because of this, the landlord told him and his girlfriends that their cat could not come into the house through the door.

Now Tariq, being an Oxford University PhD student, decided to come up with an alternate solution to the problem so they could keep their cat. He decided to build a ladder to go up to the window from the backyard.

He started with a small sample model first to see if the cat would use it.

“Once he was used to it, we coaxed him onto the larger ladder with treats and he took it very quickly”, said Tariq.

To avoid any potential injuries from falling, they put soft rugs underneath the ladder.

Thankfully, since the ladder didn’t pose any threat to diminishing the house’s historical significance, the landlord was on board!

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