Little Girl Saves Stray Kitten By Meowing To Her, Sparking Life Long Friendship

A kitty was found in a neighbor’s bushes by a family and getting the kitty our of their turned out to be incredibly hard. They tried all means to get the cat out and into a shelter but the kitty was so afraid of every human that came on calling him.

It was then that the 6-year-old daughter decided to meow the kitty every day and try to have a “conversation” with it. Little did anyone know that the little girl became so determined to get the kitty to safety that she would meow at it every single day.

She did try this for a week and finally, the little kitty started responding to her meows. He started to trust her and finally came out but didn’t allow her to touch him. They would sit separately without body contact but it was the start that the little girl hoped for, and eventually the stray cat trusted her enough to come out.

With time Kitty could rub the little girl’s nose with his ears and this made the girl’s parents so proud of her because she did everything she could to gain the kitty’s trust. Whenever kitty was stuck somewhere like in the basement and refuse to come out the girl’s parents would call their daughter to meow to the cat and the cat would meow back and come out of the basement. It was truly a friendship made in heaven!

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