Man Keeps His Cat With Him Even While Swimming To Safety During Floods

In Western Canada, there were huge rains that caused floods and destroyed houses, cars, crops and many businesses. For Kevan Yaets and his loving cat Momo, their lives were turned upside down by the floods. They lost their house, cars, and everything they were building in life. 

As the floods progressed, the pair were trapped in a car and Kevan hold Momo tightly in his chest because the car started to sink. Eventually, Kevan knew they had to swim to their rescue, and Kevan did everything he could to help Momo swim to his rescue. They swam their way to the higher ground.

Kevan didn’t care about losing everything but he loved his cat and desperately wanted to keep him safe.

Eventually, the rescue team took long to catch up with them leaving the pair to struggle until they were reached.

We’re just so grateful to see that the pair made it out alive and with each other.

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