Man opens his door, but then instantly realizes why the cats are there after he hears them for 2 seconds!

This guy opened his door one day and instantly heard the most loud noise ever, after looking down he saw the most loud chorus of meowing he had ever heard. After feeding these stray cats, they NEVER stop coming back to get fed!

This daily routine happens “EVERY DARN DAY” says YouTube user ‘Karmanno’ – If you thought one kitty wasn’t enough, this will just make your day. These kitties come morning and when he hears their meows, he knows just who it is!

Thankfully he decided to record what happens every day, and it’s hysterical… Just watch the video!

I’ve honestly NEVER in my life seen this many cats meowing for food—This is just too darn cute, oh my goodness! Love this story? Share it and read our next item here.

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