Man Takes 50 Boxes And Builds Amazing Cat Maze, Then Records Them ‘Struggling’ Through It

This man decided to help celebrate international cat day by making the most awesome thing for his cats and you will absolutely love it – He decided to take 50 boxes and start chopping holes for the cats.  The results are absolutely awesome!

It’s kinda unfortunate if we only celebrate international cat day by petting our cats, instead, Chris Poole decided to actually do something amazing for his kitties and the results are totally awesome!

He even decided to put some treats inside the boxes for the cats to discover. Talk about making these cats day amazing? This was the perfect thing to do! (keep scrolling past pictures for the video)

First, he started getting all the boxes ready!

It ends up being quite the challenge trying to keep its secret, because the cats have already discovered it!

He takes the boxes and starts organizing them to make the purr-fect cat maze!

He begin cutting holes to create little channels for the cats to travel through, it’s just wonderful!

The perfect cat-maze starts with cutting holes in the perfect spots for the cats to travel through!

After the cats started to discover it, they just had a complete blast!

The just loved every moment, these cats are having the BEST international cat day ever – what a wonderful thing to do!

When they discovered what their owner did for them, they are having the best day of the year!

What a wonderful thing to do for his cats, their reaction is just awesome! (watch the video which can be watched below)

You’ll love the cats reactions when they discover their ameow-izing maze, made just for them! Just watch the video below:

They just loved it, how awesome!

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