Meet a Cat that Steals Money for the Homeless, Donates it to Charity

If you were a fan of Zorro the Masked Man, then you will like this cat. He is a furry Zorro. Call him Sir Whines-A-Lot. You will be surprised at what he can do. This Zorro cat lives at the office of a firm in Tulsa. The firm deals with marketing.

You won’t believe this hilarious cat’s love of money, and how he keeps collecting it in piles. This is almost TOO funny for words!

Sir Whines-A-Lot began following Zorro’s footsteps when the founder of the firm, Stuart McDaniel, was surprised when he found some money by the door where furry Zoro liked to hang out. To Stuart’s surprise, it kept happening. Every day they would find Sir-Whines-A Lot with lots and lots of money. They didn’t know the reason behind it. So they decided to test a theory.

They tried sliding money through the gap that was on the door. Guess what, Zorro cat hopped up and snatched the money. Stuart then concluded that the shady cat had been luring people who were passing by. When the people came to play with him through the door, the people could use money as a cat toy, and when the people slid the money in to mess with the cat, he snatched the money.

As Sir Whines-A-Lot got more victims, the money he had grew in number. When the money had grown significantly, Stuart then decided to donate the money to charity. Since the cat was once homeless, they decided to donate the money to charity organizations for the homeless.

So far they have already donated $100. What a hero! (Criminal). Love this story? Share it and read our next item here.

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