Meet Luhu, Whose The Saddest Cat In The World, And Her Pictures Will Just Break Your Heart

Meet Luhu from Instagram user IanIan731. She’s the saddest looking cat in the world and when you see her photos it will just break your heart and bring a smile to your face. She’s naturally like this and actually loves life, but when you see her pictures your heart will just melt!

Luhu was first posted on Boredpanda where she went viral with thousands looking at her adorable photos. Luhu now has a social following of over 137,000 Instagram followers where people just love seeing her daily pictures.

If you ever needed proof this cat is sad, just take a quick look at her photos and they will break your heart — She’s the most lovable and sweet kitty in the world!

Luhu almost always looks sad, but she’s the sweetest kitty in thew world with a heart that will touch yours just by looking at her face. 🙂

Luhu has got to be the sweetest kitty in the whole wide world. Even though she might look sad almost all the time, you just can’t resist loving her – what a sweetheart!

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Credit Instagram Maggie Liu & H/T Boredpanda

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