Mountain Lion meets Leopard, but now they won’t stop ‘loving’ each other in the sweetest ways

This mountain lion was introduced to the Leopard and ever since they’ve been best friends. They might be completely different ‘big cats’ but that doesn’t mean they can’t get along – in fact they’re getting along in the most adorable ways!

When the mountain lion sees the Leopard sleeping, he gives some love, attention and a relaxing bath of licks to show love.  Some is one of the most unlikely videos I’ve seen and proves that no matter the differences, these two are bestest friends.

Their caretakers took a video of one of their adorable moments, you can see these sweet big cats below:

You can tell they love each other SOO much!

The cheetah finally wakes up from the vigorous licking, but doesn’t even mind and goes back to sleep to the relaxing licking 🙂

These two are the sweetest animals ever – so adorable!

This is so sweet, these two adorable ‘big cats’ are so different, but they still love each other, it’s AMAZING!

(Credit Вячеслав Черкашин)

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