“NaMEOWste” is the new trend, combining cats and yoga and we are LOVING it

A nonprofit organization by the name of Redmond has started a series of yoga classes. These yoga lessons are very special, however. What makes them so special? They’re full of cats. Cats looking for homes, in fact. All the cats participating in these lessons are adoptable. What a clever idea!

This is already the second installment of these classes! We can certainly see the reason for the success!

It’s a bit of an odd sight- a yoga student assuming a difficult position, all the while befriending a cat. The cats pay no mind to the instructions given out during class, they just wander around and everyone loves them.

These classes are held in BrightSide Animal Center. The very purpose of these events is getting people to come to the shelter and meet the cats- and eventually, take them home. It’s a clever way to approach encouraging adoption.

People consider yoga very therapeutic and its health benefits are backed up by science. Cats are also considered rather therapeutic and their health benefits are, also, backed up by science. So why not combine them? Cats already look like they’re doing yoga whenever they stretch, they’re naturally flexible and thus people that are really into yoga may even find them inspiring.

Two wrongs may not make a right but put two great things together and you get an even greater thing! Would you like to take this class? Let us know in the comments. Love this story? Share it and read our next item here.

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