Orphaned Kitten Spends Most of Her Day Helping at Work, Making their day in the process

What would you do if you had a cat that will go to work with you and even help you with some work? I know many cat owners would like to have such a cat. One cat owner, named Sa3belle on Reddit, is one of such lucky owners to have met a cat like that. She posted photos of a cat on Reddit. The cat’s name is Joey. Sa3belle met Joey when one of her coworkers brought her to the office.

From the day Joey set foot in the office, everyone fell in love with her. Joey has had a rough past and that’s what endears her to people. She was orphaned at an early age. In the first week, production fell in the office. This is because everyone just wanted some meow time with Joey. However, as the days went by, people started to love having her around as they did their work.

Joey was so adorable to the point that one of the office workers decided to foster her in the office. Joey brings extra love in the office that makes everyone to feel happy around her. When in the office, Joey likes to walk across keyboards. As she strolls on the keyboards, she also has time to inspect every coffee cup that she might come across. She is getting a lot of attention from everyone in the office and she likes it. Everyone always looks forward to seeing Joey at work.

Check out the video below:

We just love rescue stories and this wonderful kitten is no exception. Such a beautiful animal and helper!!! Read our next story here.

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