Orphaned Kitten Was Starving, So They Found A Bottle And The Kitten Went Crazy In The Best Way

This two-week-old kitten was orphaned with no mother to give her milk, so they adopted it and found a bottle with some milk to feed the poor feeble kitten…

At first, the kitten didn’t seem too excited about this weird foreign object called a “bottle,” but after smelling the warm milk she expressed her healthy appetite in the cutest way ever! Just wait until you see the kittens reaction!

We knew she wanted something to drink, but didn’t expect her ears to wiggle and shake so vigorously like THIS… Watch Video:

They named this newborn “Pudgy Polly” because of her amazing appetite!  This kitten wants milk so bad she even holds onto it!  SOO cute! If You enjoyed this video, please share! 🙂

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