People buy their cats weird ‘mechanical bug’ but when they see it moving on the ground, it’s hilarious!

They bought their kittens a mechanical ‘Hexbug’ BUG and the results are SOO cute!  Kittens love to play with anything that moves and these little mechanical ‘Hexbug’ BUGS are the ‘cats meow.’

Oh, and did I mention these Persian kittens are simply priceless?? Watch the reaction when these kittens discover it, Awwwhh… It’s always a good idea to record your pets first reaction to things like this, and we’re thankful they caught this cuteness on camera!

This is just TOO cute, they just can’t get enough of it… Just watch the adorable video!

This is so cute, EVERY cat should have one of these— Love this story? Share it and read our next item here! 🙂

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