Police department brings in cat as precinct mascot to boost morale and everyone just loves him!!

It was a cold and rainy evening when some officers found a sweet tabby kitten near a police precinct. When the officers who were on patrol they found the cute young kitten, it was not easy but the police managed to convince their boss to keep the kitten as their precinct mascot, shared pet and morale-booster.

The officer who the kitten was named after, Doctor Martin D. Costanza and other police officers began lobbying so that the cat can become a permanent resident. After several sweet talks and persuasions, Deputy Inspector William Taylor agreed for the kitten to be a permanent resident and the only condition was that someone else should Take care of the litter box.

The officers agreed after to take turns cleaning the furry animals mess. The kitten played a crucial role in the office creating bonds between police officers and boosting morale. Deputy Taylor has been treating the kitten well giving him food treats and other officers have since supported the kitten by getting him neutered and microchip to prevent anything from happening.

He spends most of his time hunting mice and relaxing on the fellow officer’s chairs. There is no person that does not adore the cat both the cops and civilians it reduces the tension that builds up in the workplace. Martin has his own basket to take a nap and plenty of toys to keep him busy through the day. The kitten has since grown to become very big but he still plays with fellow colleagues just like he did when she first came.

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