Rescue Kitten Finds Golden Retriever Who Becomes The Father She Never Had

Little Kitty was abandoned by her mother after birth, She was cold, couldn’t move, she was alone and scared out in the streets not until a golden retriever (dog) came to her rescue, Ponzu was his name. Ponzu took the little kitty to his shelter and named her Ichimi.

Ponzu had lost his last kitten and was whole alone in the foster home, he was so happy to host Ichimi and taking care of her, Ponzu could heat her up with his body warm so that Ichimi could not catch cold, he helped the fosterer in grooming Ichimi and feeding her.

Ponzu became a father again but this time it was to Ichimi whom he took extra good care of her so as not to lose her like the other kitty he lost.

Even if Ichimi was rejected by her mother after birth, she didn’t feel alone again instead she got a new family that gave her love, protection and stability.

Ponzu watched Ichimi grow, he taught her how to work and now Ichimi does just work she runs, the play together every single day.

Ichimi was so grateful to have a father like Ponzu he could teach her what respect means and how to communicate with others, Ichimi grew up being humble.

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