Rescuing Poki- One Couple’s Journey to Adopting The World’s Most “Annoying” Cat

Have you ever heard of Poki? According to some, he’s the world’s most annoying cat and we found a wonderful story about a lovely couple who made it their mission to save him and give him a better life.

Last year, a YouTube channel by the name of Rachel and Jun posted a video that got Poki’s story in the forefront. Check it out below:

It details the rescue mission of Poki the cat who was found in Japan by the side of the road looking all kinds of miserable. The cat was healed, brought home and named Poki and now lives happily in his new home. His favorite hobby? Being annoying.

The couple has three other cats but none quite like Poki because Poki is special and not in a particularly good way. Poki stops at nothing, especially when food is involved and it’s hilarious. This cat will stop at nothing to get to food- not even diving into a dumpster full of plastic twice.

It’s always heart-warming to see stories of cats being rescued off the streets and going on to live happy, fulfilling lives and, in this case, becoming adorably annoying to his owners. While Poki is now occasionally subjected to wearing banana hats, he is otherwise a very happy cat in a very happy family and what else could we be but happy for him and his wonderful rescue story?

The couple posted another video in October, titled “The Japanese way to annoy cats | CAT GACHAPON” in which all of the cats get accessorized with banana, watermelon, apple and other fruit and berry-shaped hats, including Poki. Poki has made quite the transformation.

You can watch the video yourself below:

What an amazing story! What some call annoying, others love so dearly and it’s wonderful. Love this story? Share it and read our next item here.

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