Senior Cat Can’t Stop Cuddling with a New Baby in the Family

Cats love babies. However, for Squinty the old cat, his love for babies was extraordinary. Ever since his owner had a baby, Squinty couldn’t stop being sweet and cuddly to Elly Zupko’s baby. Zupko adopted Squinty in 2003 when his old owners gave him up. The feline was then surrendered to a vet hospital. Fortunately, Zupko’s then-boyfriend was working at that particular vet hospital.

Squinty was to be put down at the vet hospital. This is because he was to undergo a hip surgery but there was nobody to pay for it. When Zupko’s boyfriend saw Squinty, he liked him at first sight. Zupko and her boyfriend then agreed to pay for the cat’s surgery, after which they adopted him. When Squinty got better, he started walking and being playful, just like any cat his age would.

A few years later, Zupko was saddened when she realized that Squinty was deaf. Figuring out whether your cat is deaf is very difficult. For years, Zupko thought that Squinty was just a deep sleeper. Turns out he could not hear anything.

Squinty got his name from the way he squinted at people. Zupko gave him this name because she thought this was his signature expression. For 15 years, Squinty has been part of Zupko’s life. When Zupko had a daughter, some of her family members and friends warned her against letting Squinty get near her newborn. When Squinty saw the baby, he fell in love with her and wanted to be near her all the time.

Zupko was so surprised and happy to see Squinty cuddle with her baby. Whenever Squinty got the chance, he would lay next to the baby girl. He would even spoon with her when Zupko is breastfeeding the baby. Love this story? Share it and read our next item here!

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