Senior cat seems unsure about caring for a litter of kittens but he soon realizes how much he loves caring for them

Mason had lived his whole life on the streets when he was finally rescued and healed from multiple injuries. For the elderly cat, it was a major adjustment to suddenly be living in a home and, in the beginning, he was very grumpy about it. But a major change came when he was introduced to a LITTER OF FOSTER KITTENS.

Immediately, Mason became a professional cat grandfather to these kittens as they were swarming all over him. Now, Mason is regularly introduced to new litters of kittens that he then tends to in a very grandfatherly manner. Mason doesn’t usually initiate interactions with his grandkittens but when they come to him, he cares for them well.

Watch the amazing video of Mason grandfathering the kittens below!!

Even since he was introduced to the kittens, Mason has become much better at socializing and has gotten some of his youth back. He’s certainly more confident now than he used to be when he first arrived. Love this story? Share it and read our next item here.

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