She Picked Up This Foster Kitten For A Friend, But DIDN’T Expect Her Reaction To The Dog… Purrrfect!

It’s always interesting when two animals meet each other for the first time.  Many times their reaction to a new creature is a frightened one, but NOT in this case…

They needed to pick up some foster kittens for a friend, so after bringing them home, one noticed their dog and then something beautiful happened!

After checking out the dog, this particular kitten decided that “Sophie” the dog would be her best friend.  Her reaction was priceless!


Not only was she elated to have met such an amazing new friend, but the dog also enjoyed having a new admirer and stood guard for the frail foster kitten.


Via Lauren – “A couple months back I picked up foster kittens for a friend. Less than 10 minutes after arriving, this kitten was smitten with Sophie,”


It was clear that these two were inseparable and all within only 10 minutes of seeing each other – how beautiful this truly is! 🙂


They didn’t expect this Purrfect reaction to meeting their dog for the first time, but after seeing them together it would be too difficult not to keep those adorable blue eyes!

Via: Lauren Photography

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