She went to the store to buy some sugar – then she sees the cat doing something in the sugar bin

It was another day at the grocery store, but when this woman went to buy some sugar, she saw the cat doing something that was just TOO funny, she had to record it! This cat has found ‘litter-paradise’ and is having the best time ever after discovering this grocery store.  This is probably NOT a good time to buy sugar and when you see the video below, I think you’ll agree with us too, LOL.

Nobody knows how the cat got inside of the grocery store or how many bins he has taken a poop in, but one thing is forester, you’ve probably never seen a cat doing this inside of a store EVER… I’m still amazed that a store employee didn’t remove the cat before a customer noticed the show! We have attempted to get more information on the cat and it’s whereabouts, but haven’t found any further details. Maybe the cat is a stray and hungry looking for food and found the grocery store. From what we can see from this video he probably feasted on something and then needed to relive himself. I’ve honestly never seen anything like this in my life. This cat is one brave explorer and the sugar will NEVER be the same after today, LOL!!

When she walked into the grocery store she NEVER expected she would see what this cat was doing… Thankfully someone recorded the entire event on camera, this is hilarious, hahaha!! Just watch the video below!!!

This might cause some health concerns, but it’s just TOO funny— Love this story? Share it and read our next item here

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