Sir Stuffington the Kitten Survived A Raccoon Attack, Ended Up Changing Lives of His Rescuer

Meet Sir Stuffington, a one-eyed kitty who survived a raccoon attack and was saved along with his two brothers by a kind Samaritan. After the attack, Sir Stuffington was left with only one eye, a fractured jaw and other serious complications. Amazingly, he survived along with his two brothers.

Sir Stuffington and his two brothers were taken to a Multnomah County Animal Service where they met a caring foster mom who took care of their injuries. Unfortunately, his one eye wasn’t able to be saved.

Being a good foster mom, she made sure Stuffington and his brothers are well fed, and given a comfortable place to sleep and all the care they needed.

He and his caring brothers loved to cuddle when together, and their new foster mom made to that they were cared for at all times even when they weren’t together.

Stuffington was the smallest kitten in the bunch but that didn’t affect his booming personality, something that was quickly learned once he started to feel better.

Despite his horrible injuries that were a result of the raccoon attack, he grew up happy and healthy because of the love given to him at his foster home.

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