Soldier Adopts a Stray Cat after it Walked up to Him and Demanded to be Adopted

Salem the cat, a little stray cat, walked up to a soldier. He then demanded that the soldier adopts him. Justin was an American soldier on duty in Romania. One day he came across a friendly black kitty. The kitty had started following him around after stepping out of the bushes.

After Justin started petting the kitty, it seemed like the cat had finally made up his mind that he was not going to let go of Justin. The kitty became Justin’s new friend. Every morning he could wait for Justin. He quickly became Justin’s little shadow.

Every time Salem saw Justin, he would hop on his lap. He would then curl and take a nap. Sometimes he would slip into Justin’s helmet and sleep there.

Justin loved the kitty because he gave him the comfort that reminded him of home. The small kitty quickly crept his way into Justin’s heart.

When Justin’s stay in Romania was about to come to an end, he started looking for ways he could bring Salem home with him. Justin’s home is in El Paso, Texas.

Luckily for Justin, he found a kind woman who was an animal rescuer who agreed to help. She facilitated Salem’s movement from Romania to the US.

After traveling for thousands of miles, Salem finally settled in his new home. He was welcomed by his new human mom.

The family also had another cat that became Salem’s feline best friend. Salem loved his new home as he found new toys. Love this story? Share it and read our next item here.

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