Soldier Saves Afghan Cat Even Though It Could Be That The Cat Saved Him

Koshka was the name given to a kitty by Sergeant Jesse Knotts whom they met in Afghanistan, Sergeant Knotts took Koshka to his tiny office and made it his home in the meantime, Knotts made the tiny office as comfortable as he could for this kitty to feel loved. This kept the sergeant company and also reminded him of life back home in Oregon City, KPTV.

Before Koshka appeared Sergeant Knott was devastated because he lost two of his friends in a bomber fight. After Koshka became a sergeant, he would cry in his office and the kitty would jump into his thighs and roll over him to comfort him.

Koshka gave him hope, he was a friend a good companion in Afghanistan he couldn’t leave him there instead he brought Koshka home in Oregon City. He could not bring Koshka with a military van because it wasn’t allowed, so he then risked his life and career and brought little kitty to a place called Kabul where he was able to fly Koshka to Oregon City.

Watch the adorable video below!

Koshka got along with sergeants family, he was loved. Love this story? Share it and read our next item here.

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