Someone left a cat in a plastic bag in front of a room, but what happens next is a miracle!

What would you do if you were abandoned and stuffed in a plastic bag and placed somewhere and didn’t even have an idea as to whether anyone would come to your aid anytime soon, you would probably freak out and be very scared right? We would too.

This cat was found abandoned, not only that, the person that abandoned him left him hanging on someone’s door knob in a plastic bag,  nobody deserves that, especially not a cute and harmless creature like this cat. Even the room owner was very much surprised to see a cat hanging on her door. The poor cat was very terrified as he did not know what was going to happen next to him.

Luckily for him, the room owner is a very kind person and she decided to come to his rescue, she gave him a bath, gave him water and fed him, she even cut all his nails and groomed him. So nice! The cat now stays full-time with her and has turned out to be a very cuddly and affectionate creature. He mostly spends his time playing, cuddling and napping. He has now found a sweet and loving family with her and he has hopes of a happy fur-ever with his new owner!!

This cat desperately needed to be rescued and he got it. How awesome is that!? Read our next story here.

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