Stray cat chose a family and doesn’t seem to want to let go of them – he keeps going back!

Sometimes, as people, we seem to have an idea as regards whether we are wanted in a particular place, we feel loved there. Cats are no exceptions as this cat has proven. He was a stray cat who probably felt tired of wandering about and decided to find a loving and caring forever home for himself.

He showed up at the door of this couple and refused to leave, he even got very comfortable immediately and sleeps there sometimes. They did the next best thing they felt was good for him and took Michelob to a shelter so hopefully, he would be put into a good family where he would get all the love and care he desires but Michelob had other plans. When he got to the shelter, he came up with an escape plan and left. He had to walk close to 5km to get back to the house, such a determined cat.

Watch the incredible video below!

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