Stray Cat Visits Farm on Daily Basis For The Love and Affection From a Friendly Cow

This is a story of a wonderful stray ginger and white cat that visits his unlikely friend, a cow, every single day on a dairy farm in Isreal. The two have formed a wonderful friendship to the point where the cat gets a loving kiss from the cow every time they see each other!

One day, the farmer took his usual walk around the farm and saw a cat walking towards the cows, so he keenly observed what the cat was doing and was in awe when he saw the cat and cow kissing and cuddling.

The cow and the cat were showing affections towards each other.

The farmer had never seen anything like this before and thought that maybe this was a one-day thing but he happened to be wrong. The kitty continued to meet up with the cow every morning around breakfast and he would return to the house with his fur wet from cow’s saliva.


The kitty often walks into the farm as a dry kitty but walks away with dripping wet fur. Clearly, they adore each other as they are often seen giving each other love and affection. Love this story? Share it and read our next item here.

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