Stray kitten falls from bridge, lands near dead in bushes. But then he shows up and changed everything

This guy was walking by the rive one day I’m Japan when he noticed a small animal fall from the bridge above.  After immediately running to it’s rescue, he noticed that it was a tiny kitten.

The poor kitten was cowering in the bushes afraid and scared for her life.  The poor kitten couldn’t move his back legs and seemed to be paralyzed from the head back. Luckily he took her as soon as he could for immediate medical attention.

He named the poor calico kitten ‘Nene’ and dedicated his lie to helping the poor kitten recover from her paralyzed state. Luckily his love is the only thing that turned a sad benign into a wonderful ending.

This story is just beautiful, we need more people like this… Watch the video below:

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