Stray Kitty Runs Into Random Person in a Park and Decides that He Will be His Owner Forever

Kawasaki Hina met a furry friend in a place that he least expected to meet him. As Kawasaki was going home, he decided to pass through a local park. A stray cat then decided to follow Hina and before Hina knew it, he was carrying this little feline back to his place. Hina did not know why the cat decided to follow him.

The two quickly bonded together. Immediately they were at Hina’s place, the kitten fell asleep. Hina was so happy that he had met this beautiful kitten. Hina said that the kitten quickly became an important part of his life. The kitten was like family to him. He said that he wanted the kitten to be part of his life forever.

He named the kitten Vell. She would follow Hina everywhere he could go. Every step that Hina took, Vell was just right behind him. When you look at them, you wouldn’t believe that they met at a local park. Now Vell can’t seem to get away from Hina. She accompanies him even when he is doing his housework. Vell has been doing this since the first day that he met Hina. Now she is a grown up feline. She is now 3 years old.

Although it has been a couple of years since Hina took in Vella, the love between them is still fresh. When you see them, you would think that they met yesterday. Love this story? Share it and read our next item here.

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