Tabby cat adopts 30 tiny chicks, cares for them in the cutest possible way

This happened in China where a Chinese farmer Lao Yang had 30 chicks in his house and a cat as his companion, he used to sleep next to the chicks in order to protect them against his cat and also to keep them warm. One day his chicks escaped from there safety zone and the farmer Lao was so afraid that he would find them dead from cat attack.

In most cases, a cat always finds chicks as prey but this was different, he found the cat cuddling the chicks as if they were his.

Check out the incredible pictures below!

He grew comfortable having his chicks around the cat, this cat used to play with the chicks, feed them and grooming them. The chicks loved running and chasing the cat and when they get tired he could sleep next to them to keep them warm.

The cat became like a mother to them when the farmer Lao wasn’t around, it’s adorable to see the cat’s human best cherished being around the took care of the chicks until it was old enough to take care of themselves, but their game never stopped they could still run around and play together.

This cat earned his owners trust and therefore had all authority to his house, he could take good care of the staff around. As they say, cats are the most intelligent and loving pets when compared to others. Love this story? Share it and read our next item here. 

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