The Amazing and Wonderful Phenomenon of Polite Cat

Have you heard of Polite Cat yet? Polite Cat is among the newest Internet cat celebrities, also known as He Looks Very Polite. What he’s famous for is quite easy to deduct by the nickname- having a particularly polite-looking face.

Polite Cat has turned into quite the meme. The cat’s real name is Ollie and he is a very good boy.

The cat doesn’t have an official Instagram account but several photos other than the one above that made him go viral have surfaced. Like this adorable beauty:

The meme itself originates from a post made on 9GAG, a humor-based website in the month of June in 2018. What really flew Ollie to Stardom was a fake text exchange between a landlord and a resident that you can see below.

I’m still giggling at this sweet, albeit faux, exchange.

Of course the Internet took this image to a whole another level, from obscure memes in the form of YouTube videos to countless Facebook and Instagram posts just like this one:

Not only that but Polite Cat has also been painted, not just on paper but also on an entire wall. This Polite Cat mural is quite impressive.

Overall, everyone seems to love Ollie and what’s not to love? He’s polite, he’s adorable and he’s a cat, cats are a blessing to this planet.

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