The story of Dennis, a family cat that passed away after family lost track of him — so sad

Dennis was a cute cat, loved to play and also loved walking around for nature walks. Everybody in the neighbourhood got used to seeing him around, One day Dennis went missing, we looked everywhere for him and couldn’t find him, we did call out for his name but he never showed up like he used to.

Dennis was being missed in the house, every day he could sleep in your thighs and caresses them, he could sometimes meow when a visitor comes and he will show him or her to the house, Dennis was lovable and was sweet.

One morning one of the neighbours came to the owner’s house claiming to have seen Dennis in the storm drain he looked so dead and was attacked by a stray of dogs. The daughter went down the storm drain to pick Dennis up, she had never gone down the drain before but this time Dennis melted her heart she felt so bad to have lost him like that.

Please be aware of where your cats are at all times, and watch them carefully. Share the story and read our next item here.

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