Their dog passed away from cancer a few weeks ago – when the cat realizes he’s gone, she can’t leave his side

It’s always sad when a pet we dearly love dies, but I bet some of us haven’t thought about how much this effects the other pets in our family…

This kitty loved the dog so much and couldn’t sleep unless he was cuddling next to the dog, but then one day the dog died due to cancer complications, but the love didn’t stop there.

It’s heartbreaking but truly amazing how much this cat loved it’s best friend Charlie… Read the story below:

Since he’s been gone, she now watches videos of her beloved doggie friend.  It’s not just heartbreaking it’s one of the sweetest stories of loyalty ever! – Keep reading…

Ever since Charlie the dog died, this sweet kitty has missed him so much that even when she watches a video of him she misses him and sleeps better!

This is so heartbreaking, it brings tears to my eyes—It just shows how incredible the love of a cat can be for someone special.

(H/T 9Gag)

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