These cats were rescued just in the nick of time from freezing weather in a heartwarming rescue story that will make you smile

Most creatures find a hard time in adapting to and surviving in harsh weather conditions and with cats, even though they have furs, it cannot effectively protect them from the cold. These cats were found in a very precarious condition when they were first found. A cat rescue team was contacted about two stray cats that were living in the outdoors and stuck in the cold.

A kind resident of that area took it upon herself to feed them but she needed help with catching them and taking them to a safe place where they would be protected from the cold. The cats were named Clarence and Midnight and the woman was given traps to help her in catching them. Provisions were made as regards a special and warm place for the cats to stay in as a major upgrade was needed from the bottom of the trailer where they were previously staying.

Watch the heartwarming video below!

Clarence was found to be in perfect condition but he had to be neutered, while Midnight, on the other hand, had to undergo a minor surgery. Soon enough, they were both adopted and taken into their forever homes. Love this story? Share it and read our next item here.

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