These female dog decided to adopt some kittens and the motherly love is beautiful

A female dog has decided to foster little kittens which were orphaned when their mother died. The owner who is a Chinese has been living with cats and dogs together for more than ten years but has never seen something like that. It is quite difficult to understand how but dogs have been known to be very compassionate animals and they usually display their affections to the owners. Their mother sadly died after eating a poisoned rat leaving behind a litter of four kittens with nowhere to go.

The dog decided to help the kittens just a few days after their mother died. The kittens used to cry all day and night calling for their mother who was already gone and this cries really affected the dog who was seen very disturbed by the sound. Eventually, the dog decided to shelter the kittens during the night from cold weather and eventually spending the entire day with them playing all day.

One day the owner was checking the kittens at night and found the dog breastfeeding them. This was surprising since the dog had just stopped breastfeeding months ago. The four kittens are seen to enjoy there knew mother milk and like playing next to the dog a lot. This newly found family is very lovely and catches every person’s attention especially when they are working on together. The kittens follow the dog everywhere and enjoy spending most of their times together.

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