These kittens were abandoned, abused, and covered in marker and in desperate need of help

Abuse usually has a long-lasting effect on the victims involved and whether it was an animal or a human it happened to, it would take some time to fully get over it. This was the case for these poor little kittens. A call was received from the police department about two neglected kittens and the Bradford Cat Watch Rescue thought they could fully handle it as they had rescued countless cats over time but they were in for a surprise.

When they saw the kittens, they were shocked and realized that the situation was beyond what they expected. The poor kittens were estimated to be just a month old and were covered in permanent marker; someone had written the marker over the white part of their fur but the shelter stepped up to the task, took in the poor kittens and immediately started treating them.

A volunteer named Katey took on the job of taking care of the kittens, she gave Smurf and Shrek bottles of milk and prepared bathes for them to get them back to normal. Watch the heartbreaking video below!!

We are happy they got taken care of and hope Shrek and Smurf would find the love and care they deserve and fully recover. Love this story? Share it and read our next item here!

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