These two cats were born with leg deformations but are learning to walk again

This is a very heartwarming story that I’m very happy to share with everyone. These two cats were born with a deformation in their leg. They are bent very awkwardly which causes them to not be able to walk properly. With a condition like this you’d think nobody would want to adopt them!

Except for this one very nice cat owner. Who felt sympathy when she saw the two kittens and wanted to change their lives. She then adopted both of them and is dedicating all her time to fixing them up and making sure they will have a long life full of walking normally! After a few surgeries and a lot of testing, the cats are slowly coming around and learning how to walk.

Watch the heart warming video below!

These cats look so happy that they’re beginning to walk normally again. Love this story? Share it and read our next item here. 

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