This 17 year old orphaned cat has finally gotten a shot at a new beginning!

It is common knowledge that most people would not want to adopt an elderly cat because they feel like they have gotten too old to be bonded with. This was the dilemma Cinnamon found herself in, her previous owners were an elderly couple who died a few months apart from each other and the relatives that she was left in the care of didn’t treat her well at all. The cat was abused and all on her own, she had nowhere to go but foster care.

She was a very angry cat, mostly because of her previous experiences with humans; she avoided staying close to humans and she strongly distrusted humans, she even used to move to another place when people tried to get close to her. She also hated the broom; when she sees it, she gets very angry, how sad! As if this was not enough, Cinnamon was also diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, her days were indeed numbered.

It was feared that Cinnamon would die a lonely, angry and sad cat as she was too old and fragile to still be put up for adoption. But there was soon to be a turn in events, gradually she allowed humans sit close to her, started eating and moving round her room, cinnamon was particularly a fan of the sun, she often sat next to the window and allowed the sun to caress her face.

She also became comfortable enough to start playing with her toys. Cinnamon finally opened up and allows humans to touch and pet her; it was a beautiful moment for both cinnamon and her carers. Now, she feels at home and the thought of her dying is no longer as painful as before.

Cinnamon has finally opened her heart and accepted love. We’re very happy for her!!! Read our next story here.

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