This Amazing Cat Delivers Her Litter under a Christmas tree: The Best Christmas Present Ever

Danielle Lopez had the best Christmas ever. She said that she will never forget this Christmas. This is because she got the best gift ever that any cat lover could ever wish for. Her cat Tink gave birth on a Christmas day.

The best part is that Tink delivered her kittens under a Christmas tree. According to Lopez, she did not expect Tink to give birth on that day but it turned out to be a Christmas miracle!

Lopez, a 17-year old girl, had rescued Tink only a few months back. On that wonderful Christmass morning, Lopez woke up feeling excited about the day. She heard some soft meowing coming from under the Christmas tree. Lopez thought that it was their other kitty. However, she was shocked when she saw Tink with four adorable kittens. It was one of the kittens that were meowing.

Lopez then decided to name the kittens. Since they were born on a special occasion, Lope named the kittens accordingly: Christmas, Noel, Joy, and Faith. Lopez could not let this wonderful moment pass without documenting it. So she took pictures and uploaded them to the internet. The photos quickly went viral because the internet loved them.

This was a Christmas miracle. This is because Lopez had just rescued the cat only three months ago. Nobody would have ever thought that the fragile kitty she rescued could give birth successfully. Lopez admitted that she didn’t think the cat would have made it even for a day if she didn’t rescue her and take her home. Love this story? Share it and read our next item here.


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