This cat became the first in the world to do this, and beat Putin to it!

We can all agree that Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia, is a very important person in this world. When a brand new bridge is being built in the country, it seems fitting that Putin should be the first one to cut the rope and cross the new bridge, right? Wrong!

This little fella named Mostik thought differently. Mostik is a stray cat who has since been adopted as the bridge construction mascot as he wouldn’t stop hanging around all the construction workers when they were working on the bridge.

The construction workers fell in love with Mostik, and it looks like the cat felt the same way about them. In fact, a few days before Putin had the opportunity to cross the bridge, Mostik did it first! That’s right, Mostik was the very first creature to ever cross this brand new bridge. Pretty cool hey? Especially when you beat the President of Russia to it.

Look how cute this cat is! You can follow him on Instagram here and see more pictures of the little guy here.

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