This cat had a showdown with a moose that she wasn’t quite ready for and the video is incredible

Animals face a lot of challenges to ensure their survival out in the wild. They have to hunt or gather food, seek and build nests or shelters, weather anything that Mother Nature throws their way, and actively tend to their babies at the same time. It can be a dangerous life, and you never know what to expect when interacting with another animal — especially a moose.

The danger of running into a moose like this is that domesticated cats don’t need to rely on their instincts as much as their wild counterparts. They’ve got the love and support of a family to care for them, an endless supply of food, and a warm place to sleep on a nightly basis! But every once in a while, our pets can’t help but draw on their instincts and it can lead them into some tricky situations.

Just take this kitty, for instance… Some house cats are born hunters. Watch the video!!

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