This cat has the cutest signal for whenever it wants to come inside

It’s becoming more and more common for one to let their cat outside to play. This is more of a common trait for dogs, as dogs cannot leap over the fence if they want to, and they can always bark if they want to come inside. Unfortunately, cats don’t have that luxury, but this smart cat has developed a special signal to let its owner know when he wants to come inside.

I love finding videos like this because it just proves how smart cats can be. This cat has had enough time playing outside and wants to come inside, so what does it do? He stands on his back legs and does a swooping motion with both of his front paws. It’s almost as if the cat is scratching the door, without actually doing it. OR, it’s as if the cat is putting his hands together in praise, pleading with the owner to let him in.

Watch the adorable video below!!!

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