This cat has the most unique eyebrows ever

Have you ever made eye contact with a stranger in public and couldn’t help to think that the person was judging you? Well that’s exactly what living with this cat is like.

Lilly is a beautiful cat that was adopted from the streets when she was just four months old. She has a lot of prominent features to her but there is one aspect of this cat that you can’t help to notice right off the hop… her eyebrows!

Lilly’s eyebrows are something else. The markings on her face make her eyebrows look long, dark, and thick; when looking at Lilly it appears that she’s constantly judging you! I’m sure this actually isn’t the case. Lilly seems like one of the nicest cats ever, but something about her face markings says different.

Take a look for yourself! Watch the adorable video below.

We certainly hope Lilly’s face wouldn’t turn anyone away from giving her a good cuddle. I’m sure she has a lot to give! Love this story? Share it and read our next item here

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