This cat is hilarious! He was trying out the password for his owner’s laptop when he got caught

Cats often either walk on the keyboards of laptops, stand in front of the screen or even sitting on the keyboards. They mostly do all these things to distract their owners and seek for attention especially when they perceive that their owners are very busy. Usually, these activities take place when their owners are present. It is different for this cat however as she seems to be interested in the laptop even when her owner is not around.

He posted this picture online and the cat in question has gained popularity as the picture has been seen up to 260,000 times with comments of people who have found the cat’s action very funny. When the adorable cat is not busy trying to log in to her owner’s laptop and access it, she enjoys playing, napping and belly rubs. What a funny cat right?

Watch the hilarious video:

This cat is hilarious and we just love how he tries to “break into” the computer. Have you ever seen anything like this?!! Read our next story here.

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