This cat is in love with peaches and won’t leave them alone!

Every pet cat has a funky quirk about them that makes them special. Well, you’ll never get what funky quirk, Ozzy, has. He’s in love with peaches!

You’ll love the photos of Ozzy and his favourite fruit. The way he takes care of these peaches is absolutely hilarious and we just love his passion.

That’s right, when Ozzy’s parents first laid out a bunch of peaches recently purchased at the farmers market, Ozzy fell in love with them immediately. He leaped onto the table and began cuddling up next to them! Ozzy’s parents believe it’s the texture of the peaches that he loves. Ozzy is very protective of his peaches, and will even go digging through the basement to find them if his owners try to hide them!

Ozzy’s owners says that he likes to nuzzle them, use them as a pillow, or just stand over the peaches to protect them! Have you ever seen anything like this? We definitely haven’t. It’s adorable to see the cat take such pride in watching the inanimate object. As long as Ozzy doesn’t eat all the peaches, I wouldn’t worry too much about him bonding to them. What would you do if your cat started snuggling up to all the fruit in the house? Comment below! Love this story? Share it and read our next item here!

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