This cat is left with two front legs after being severely injured, what a sad and horrific sight to behold

Navigating the world is hard enough as it is even when you possess the appropriate number of limbs, talk less of not having it. Whether in animals or humans, this is a very difficult thing to live with. That is why seeing this cat like this is saddening and tears provoking, she survived a nasty accident and now has to deal with having only one set of limbs which are the front set; the back set of her limbs were affected during the accident and have been amputated.

Due to this accident, movement for her is limited as she can only use her front limbs; she is a sad little sight to behold. She is currently in a shelter now and mostly stays in her cage and purrs all day. She wears a cone on her head to prevent her from wanting to touch the injured limb. She is starting to adapt to her condition, she responds when being petted and is not all sad and dejected over not having to play like a normal cat, she still likes belly rubs and is lucky enough to be a recipient of love and care from many people; shelter workers and potential adopters alike.

Hopefully, she would get a family that loves her enough to adopt her and give her all the love and care she deserves for the rest of her life! Read our next story here.

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