This cat is proving that you don’t need four legs to have fun; you can have as much fun with two also!

This cat has proven that life is way beyond having a complete set of limbs and that life should be lived to the fullest regardless of whatever happens. Meet Joey Roo, he is an adorable ginger cat from Arizona who has a condition called radial dysplasia- which causes malformed arms as it is the case with Joey Roo, he is left with only two limbs; making him look like a kangaroo but Joey Roo has decided to look past that and have fun either-ways.

He was even named after a kid kangaroo (Joey) and has always enjoyed being the centre of attention. His owner documents his adventures on social media with the aim of helping other disabled animals. Presently, he has a large fan base and a Facebook page he is quite popular on and he has garnered up to 3170 likes on his posts. His owner, Courtney Adams found him at a Humane Society in Tucson, Arizona and decided to adopt him.

Watch the inspiring story below:

Have you ever seen a cat like Joey? We just love his personality!

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